Dear members and supporters of Outdoors NSW (formerly the Outdoor Recreation Industry Council).

Our Annual General Meeting was held on Sunday 23rd October 2016 at the inaugural Practitioners Conference in the Southern Highlands of NSW

During this meeting it was announced that 2 long standing Committee Members would be vacating their positions and the responsibilities they held would now be open for others to volunteer their time to Advancing Outdoor Experiences in NSW.

I would like to take this opportunity to recognise the contributions Rohan Reynolds (former President) and John Wells have made to the Management Committee over the years and for the time they have put into ensuring a professional and sustainable commitment to the advocacy of our sector and the advancement of our profile within NSW. Their enormous contributions have provided the foundations for a new beginning in the evolution of Outdoors NSW. We wish them every success and thank them for their commitment over the years. The remaining committee met after the AGM to discuss and elect the office bearers. The results are as follows.

Office Bearers

President: Martin Burney
Vice President: Mark Brackenreg (Acting role)
Secretary: Jess Warner
Treasurer: Peter Vaughan


Jason Little, John White, Dylan Jones and Nathan Brown (newly appointed).

Thank you to the above people for their support.

Since my involvement with Outdoors NSW it has really helped me understand the importance of an industry voice. Over the years the Committee and groups of volunteers have constantly been networking with people in positions of influence within the ranks of the industry from Practitioners to Government. The intent of building these relationships is to ensure a strong voice to revise policies, develop training packages, create activity standards, gather data, support research and provide funding that ultimately allows all of our diverse ventures to continue in a highly professional manner, that is both safe and enjoyable for our clients, friends families and of course the Practitioners.

There are so many people in the background contributing a lot of tireless hours to ensure that organisations are given the tools, resources and practices to provide the best combination of factors to succeed in what they do and to continue to grow and contribute to an extraordinary industry.

Kirstin Peralta provides our much needed administrative support. She has been instrumental in the transition of ORIC to Outdoors NSW and behind the scenes operations. I’d particularly like to recognise Liz Horne and her ongoing commitment in the evolution of Outdoors NSW. She has been a strong voice for our organisation, networking with Industry, but most importantly, ensuring Outdoors NSW has a seat and a voice at the table of some very important and influential conversations surrounding our industry that are happening within government.

I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge that, as Outdoors NSW launches into a new era of Advancing Outdoor Experiences for NSW, the support of our members, government funding and those serving on our committee, will mean we are able to be influential in the direction of the Outdoor industry throughout the country.  It is an exciting time for NSW, but also for Australia.  Enjoying the Outdoors is a large part of our culture and the role of Outdoors NSW is to be the voice in making the Outdoors more accessible, enjoyable and safe for everyone. This could not be done without the support of our members, government funding and the commitment of individuals on the committee.

We are currently focused heavily in the development of the Australian Adventure Activity Standards, Outdoor Recreation Training Package review, targeted funding for Outdoor Recreation and much more.

If you are a member, or seeking to be a member, and would like your say on the many projects we are working on then please open up a channel of communication with Outdoors NSW to ensure you have a voice to help guide the future of our industry and help us continue to Advance Outdoor Experiences in NSW.

If you are unsure where to start, then please email us at for further information.

Martin Burney
President of Outdoors NSW