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#4 More Future Proofing

Join us on Friday 30th October from 9-10am

We are super excited to have Dan Cockerell with us on October 30th! Dan is a former Disney executive who now shares his insights in order to aid others in improving performance. Dan is an international speaker, inspiring storyteller, industry expert, virtual COO, and coach who draws on his 26-year career with the Walt Disney World Company to provide customized, authentic presentations and programming focusing on leadership and management practices.

Small Business Month is an opportunity to discuss some of the challenges of small business and gain some insights and tools that can help you. In the month of October we are bringing you 4 workshops which are proudly brought to you by NSW Government, Snowy Monaro Shire Council and Outdoors NSW & ACT.

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Workshops will run for an hour 9am – 10am and will be held via ZOOM.

Session 1 – 7th October – Future-proofing your business
Session 2 – 12th October – Digital age and Social Media
Session 3 – 22nd October – Research, plan and do
Session 4 – 30th October – More Future-proofing